I am a designer, researcher, and educator, who firmly believes in the power of design to improve people’s lives, to build a more open and democratic society, and to responsibly create value for organizations.

My experience is focused on planning and conducting research in socially complex environments, integrating qualitative, quantitative, and participatory research methods to gain a holistic understanding of these complex settings, and exploring context and stakeholders aiming to inspire and inform better design decisions.

Also, I am experienced in creating genuine and creative learning environments where students can confidently propose, discuss, test, and evolve innovative design solutions that are meaningful to them and their communities, where they learn through direct experience and social interactions, and where they explore and cultivate their skills.

Additionally, I have experience in coordinating multidisciplinary teams, where I led the organization, promotion, and fundraising for local and international events.

As a visual thinker, I feel the need to make concrete what is abstract to better understand it and more efficiently communicate it to teammates, clients, stakeholders, and to a broader audience. Also, through my academic and professional experiences I have become an effective writer and presenter both in English and Spanish.

I hold a Ph.D. in Design from North Carolina State University, and a Master in Education (M.Ed) and Bachelor in Industrial Design (BID) from Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia).

Email: contact [at] andrestellez.com

LinkedIn: in/andrestellez

Twitter: @idatb