Design Camp: Food & Sustainability

Summer 2015  |  Instructor + Planner
North Carolina State University, Design Lab for K-12 Education

Design camp focused on introducing middle-school age students to design thinking by addressing a pressing problem of North Carolina (food deserts) through a series of hands-on design challenges that explore a range of design disciplines. In my role as a design instructor, I planned—with another teacher—a weeklong design studio for children, which involved the following actions:

  •  Adapt human-centered design methods used in the industry for the use of middle-school students (e.g. personas, observation, interviews, self-documentation).
  • Conduct a literature review to better understand the topic of food deserts.
  • Plan three projects to introduce fundamental concepts of Architecture, Product Design, and Graphic Design to the students.

This lesson plan was implemented as a design studio that involved 64 middle-school age students in two sequential iterations. This involved the following actions:

  • Facilitate the projects following a studio-based pedagogy.
  • Provide guidance and feedback to students’ projects.
  • Conduct daily assessments to identify strengths and aspects to improve.